Junior Golf Training & Corporate Golf Clinic

Why Your Child / Children Should Play Golf?

golf training lesson for junior, kids golf, junior golf training, beginner golf, learn golf, 小孩学高尔夫球,青少年高尔夫球夏令营,高尔夫球培讯,青少年高尔夫球比赛 1. PE Credits  Some schools with semester systems allow a student to leave school at lunch to practice/play golf and then receive Physical Education (PE) credits for doing this. A Great way to learn, compete and work toward scholarships in golf.
2. Healthy Growth Provides a balanced and comprehensive approach to the healthy growth of your child.
3. Sports Scholarships Matt Daniel is well-trained working with juniors and will ensure the emphasis remains on fun while they are learning. One year of elite golf training can be enough to reach the goal of scholarship for university.

Students’ Swings Highlights Compilation


Indoor High Technology Simulator Training Coaching System Highlights

Lesson Highlights


What kind of Golf coach / Teacher are beginners looking for?

Many bad habits are developed from the beginning of the game. Getting rid of bad habits is difficult and time-consuming.  Based on the above analysis, a good start is half of the success.

Good coach provides his/her expertise and good advice to improve your skills in a short period of time. Sports injuries due to poor golf swing mechanics can be avoided by working with a coach; more importantly, having a good foundation can leave unlimited room for improvement and competitive golf advantage.

PGA Tour Professional Coach Matt Daniel and his team will help you get started, perfect your game, or train for your next tournament!

Benefits of Playing Golf for Juniors / Kids
  1. Exercise and Fitness It is estimated that 20 to 30 percent of children in the North America are overweight. Twenty years ago, golf and fitness were rarely uttered in the same sentence.  Thanks to a new generation of golf professionals, strength, conditioning and nutrition are a significant part of golf instructional programs.  Would you rather have your son or daughter playing video games or walking nine holes with the high school golf team?  As schools are reducing the time spent on physical fitness, it is imperative that kids avoid sitting on the couch when they are not in school. Golf is a great low-impact way to develop cardio activity, core stability, balance and focus. Junior golf sport training, golf camps, summer camp, children golf, golf sports scholarships, kids golf , Matt Daniel Golf Academy, kids learn golf Vancouver Richmond, West Vancouver, East Vancouver, Burnaby, Tsawwassen and White Rock, golf lesson Vancouver ,Richmond, West Vancouver, East Vancouver, Burnaby, Tsawwassen and White Rock, 暑期儿童青少年高尔夫夏令营,青少年高尔夫运动培训,儿童高尔夫,高尔夫运动奖学金,孩子学高尔夫, 马特•丹尼尔•高尔夫学院,学高尔夫温哥华列治文白石镇,本拿比,西温,东区,高尔夫球课培训温哥华, PGA高尔夫教练
  2. Playing golf cultivates great manners and temperament Golfers are required to show courtesy and sportsmanship at all times.
  3. Learn independence and critical thinking Some people describe a 18-hole golf game like life, going through winding paths, experiencing good and difficult moments. On the course, golfers are facing various difficulties, thinking carefully, making correct judgement and resolving problems.
  4. Personal development The game of golf has a standard of behaviour that lends itself to positive development.  Personal skills such as honesty, integrity, courtesy and respect are all present in golf, regardless of the level of competition.  Golf teaches kids to use good judgement and be responsible for their actions.
  5. Family time Golf is a game that families can learn and play together; moms and dads can actually compete with their children even if they play from different tee boxes or at significantly different skill levels.  Get the grandparents involved and you have a game that everyone can enjoy together as a family for years.
  6. Business contacts Everyone knows how demanding the business world can be.  It is no secret that some of the biggest deals have been conducted on the golf course. When the time comes for networking and building the relationships that lead to promotions and access to the best clients, impress just one client or boss with a skillful golf game or simply a high level of professionalism, and your child may have just “punched a ticket” for future success in the industry.
Vancouver Junior Golf Training On Course Highlights 

After school junior golf beginner group lesson coaching 温哥华青少年儿童初级和课后高尔夫球团体培训课North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Richmond After School Junior Clinics Program / Junior Beginner Group Coaching with our Top Golf Coaches (1.5 hrs for $65, 3 hrs per week, 3-4 Students Per Group)

Offering junior golfers the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of golf. This class promotes an enjoyable first-time golf experience for the young golfer vancouver golf lesson with free golf ballsstarting the game. It offers pre-program and beginner, intermediate and advance level.  3-month program for each level includes indoor, outdoor and on course lessons. 

Offer at 2 different locations Richmond and North Vancouver,  Students are welcome to drop by.  Lesson included 1 bucket of 60 balls, we provide you with free club rental if you don’t have club for the beginners. 

For US kids Club range from 3-13 years old, we offer great discount for our new and existing students.  For more products details, please click on this link. 


3 months Pre-school  preparation and Beginner Level: $1560.00

  • Twice a week, 1.5 hours each time, or once a week, 3 hours each time, $ 65 per person 1.5 hours
  • Golf introduction, safety rules and etiquette
  • Various sports exercises and games such as basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball sports enhance physical body coordination and athletic ability
  • Golf fundamental Introduction and practice such as grips, stance, set up, ball position etc …
  • introduction of swing, chipping and putting
3 months Intermediate course: $1620.00
  • Twice a week, 1.5 hours each time, or once a week, 3 hours each time, $ 65 per person 1.5 hours
  • Various sports exercises and games such as basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball sports enhance physical body coordination and athletic ability
  • Golf basic skills improvement and practice such as upswing, downswing, solid contact
  • Chipping and putting skills improvement and practice
  • including 1 time 2 hours 9 hole on course playing lesson (Green fee and power cart fee are extra, normally costs $20-$25 green fee)
3 months Advanced course: $1755.00
  • Twice a week, 1.5 hours each time, or once a week, 3 hours each time, $ 65 per person 1.5 hours
  • Various sports exercises and games such as basketball, hockey, soccer, baseball sports enhance physical body coordination and athletic ability
  • Golf full swing technique improvement and practice 
  • Short game technique improvement and practice
  • including 3 time 2 hours 9 hole on course playing lessons (Green fee and power cart fee are extra, normally costs $20-$25 green fee)
Class Schedule:

Monday and Wednesday 5: 00-6: 30pm or Tuesday and Thursday 5: 00-6: 30pm

Saturday and Sunday 10: 30-12: 00pm or Saturday and Sunday 12: 30-2: 00pm

Saturday 2: 00-5: 00pm or Sunday 2: 00-5: 00pmVancouver Golf Lessons and golf instruction

Vancouver Junior Spring Break Golf Clinics/Summer Camp Program-Individual, Customised, World Class Golf Experience

Throughout the elite Junior, Amateur, College, University and Professional ranks our international tour pros have achieved high measures of success at all levels of the game. Now it’s time to pass on our knowledge to our youth. Our program can help EVERY golfer achieves his\her individual goals.

Summer junior golf camp lesson, Matt Daniel golf school academy, Vancouver Richmond Junior golf program温哥华列治文青少年高尔夫夏令营计划Whether it’s cracking your high school’s line up or having aspirations of one day being on top of leader boards worldwide, we help you on your path to success. Our 1, 2, or 3 day junior camps allow golfers, from beginners to elite juniors, the ability to learn many ways to improve their games and find their own unique paths to their ultimate goals. A mixture of on and off course instruction, as well as detailed interaction allows us to customize a complete plan for success unique to each individual.

Each student will have a professional comprehensive evaluation. This will include technique, strategy, physical, psychological knowledge of athletics in order to create the student’s goal setting and golf training program.

A variety of different levels golfers are welcome to the various golf camps we provide. Three different camps available are

1. Beginner players
2. Intermediate players
3. Elite players

Taking Amateur To A Professional Level

We also offer a 2 week, 4 week and 8 week program,  during Spring Break / Summer Golf Camp. Whether you are a golf novice or an experienced player, to seek a breakthrough, or improve your golf competition for your next tournament, we will customise a specific personal training program to meet your needs.

Junior Spring Break and Summer Golf Camp Training Program Package

Vancouver-junior-golf-camp-training program 温哥华青少年儿童高尔夫训练夏令营

Vancouver junior golf summer camp

The program is designed to help children and youth from across British Columbia stay active and engaged in sports.  Children and youth aged 5-18 years old will have fun learning the game of golf through PGA Tour Canada Pro instructed golf camps. Boys and girls from all sports and all skill levels are encouraged to register.

corporate golf day and clinics, junior golf camp 企业高尔夫球日,青少年高尔夫训练营
Corporate Golf Day With PGA Tour Canada Pros (B.C. “Matt’s” Championships) Matt Daniel and Matt Makinson 
Matt BC-Match-PlayChamps

2012 B.C. Match Play Champions Matt Daniel (L) and Matt Makinson (R)

Matt Daniel (PGA Tour Canada Veteran representing Quilchena Golf & Country Club)
Matt Makinson (2nd Year PGA Tour Canada Pro representing Vancouver GC and Cleveland/Srixon)

What better way to thank your customers, business partners or employees than  with a Corporate Golf Day or Event? It’s an opportunity to create a unique and memorable customer experience, build lasting relationships, spend quality time with the people most important to your business and promote your company, its products or services, in a friendly, fun and informal golfing environment.

Let us develop a customized golf event to meet your specific goals and requirements…We can tailor-make your corporate event for small to large groups with the emphasis on impact, value and your budget.

Corporate and Junior Golf Clinic Lessons are offered at kings Links Golf Club and a Team of PGA of Canada Professionals.BC KingsLinks golf course for corporate clinic, on course lesson with a PGA coach instructorEach foursome will be playing alongside A World Class Tournament Professional

Our unique approach caters to every level of golfer. This allows each individual to maximize his\her enjoyment in the game of golf. Even if Suzy from Acct or Darryl from the shop has never even swung a golf club, we will have them ripping the ball down the fairway and sinking putts in no time!!

We have helped all levels of golfers get better.  From beginners to tour pros, we can help you achieve your goals.  Whether you are looking for a team building opportunity for your staff, want to schmooze some of your clients/ suppliers or want some of your sales people to be able to impress their customers. We can customize any of our programs to your unique desires.

One Day Corporate Golf Clinic Itinerary (up to 20 People)

corporate golf clinic

    • 9:00am: Participants arrive and you are greeted at the clubhouse where a breakfast is provided. You are then chaperoned to driving range.
    • 9:30am: Introductions, stretching and student bios.  A brief talk about the day and intro into the game of golf, and our interesting stories on tour.
    • 10:00am: Overview of Long Game and Short Game. Range warm up followed by individual golf swing, chipping, sand play and putting evaluation/ instruction. Groups are formed for the round.
    • 11:00am: First group goes off.  A fun competition called a scramble is created that allows for a relaxed, enjoyable day and encourages groups to work together toward a common goal. One shot from the pro per hole can be used.
    • Pros will play with each group, offering unlimited instruction on all areas of game. These can include course strategy, mental game, visualization and technique for ANY shot they’re faced with. The pros will also play their own balls.
    • Refreshments, sandwiches and drinks are available after 9 holes.
    • 4:00pm: Q & A. Last group finishes golf round.  Everyone meets in the clubhouse for a dinner and cocktail mingle.
    • Review: Pros will email each person a detailed critique of their game and how to improve their golf, etiquette and business golf etiquette.
Contact us now to arrange an initial consultation.

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