Indoor Golf

Vancouver junior indoor golf group lesson coaching 温哥华儿童青少年初级高尔夫球团体培训练习课程

Matt Daniel indoor studio is an athletic minded golf facility where a student will be able to efficiently learn how to swing a golf club as well as learn to play golf. We have a huge supply of training aids and ideas to connect other sports movements to golf. Our high level golf coaches are trained in many other sports. This allows our coaches to introduce your child to a variety of sports outside of golf. We have done extensive research to make the connection from these other sports to golf. Many athletic motions from a multitude of sports have incredible similarities.

Due to the frigid Vancouver winter temperatures I have launched an indoor training feature to my academy. Indoor training analysis systems measure the behaviour of the golf ball upon impact and provide immediate feedback such as your ball flight, distance, ball speed, club head speed, spin, etc….. Golfers will have a unique learning experience. It enables you to have your own practice range, hit at simulated targets, play challenging games, such as closet to the pin and putting. Moreover, we can actually play a round at some famous golf courses from around the world. It is amazing technology. So you can have a playing lesson indoors-another alternative fun and effective way to learn and play golf.

At Matt Daniel’s indoor facility we will explore a full realm of athletic motion and performance. Our coaches have all played world level tour golf.