Golf Tips

golf tips for winnersSwing the Driver

The driver is the source of most golfers’ problems. The driver is the longest club in the bag. Thus, we need to give it time to swing. Give the club time to swing down by relaxing your hips and allowing the club to catch up and pass your body.

Bunker shot

Too many golfers try to dig the ball out of the sand. We need to have the sand moving the ball towards the hole. Hit two inches behind the ball making a SHALLOW, aggressive swing. The ball will pop out every time.

Iron shot

The key to success is simplifying the movement of your swing. The fundamentals are what every golfer should master before going forward.

Putting and Green Reading

  • Putting is the most simple, yet most important, part of the game. Try getting your leading eye directly over the ball.
  • Green reading is a quiet way to lower scores. Take a look at the entire perimeter of the green as you approach it. Find the high and low points.

These tips are all tried and tested many, many times over in key situations.  Remember, when the pressures on, Simplicity Reigns Supreme.  Enjoy!!!


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