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Your Partner for Success – Play and Learn Golf With A PGA Tour Pro / Top Golf Coaches 

Learn play Golf Lesson with a PGA Tour Instructor Teacher Vancouver Richmond, West Vancouver, East Vancouver, Burnaby, Tsawwassen and White Rock, golf lesson Vancouver ,Richmond, West Vancouver, East Vancouver, Burnaby, Tsawwassen and White Rock 马特•丹尼尔•高尔夫学院,学高尔夫温哥华列治文白石镇,本拿比,西温,东区, Number #1 Golf School Academy 温哥华#1高尔夫球学校院, 学打高尔夫球课,PGA教练Regardless of your skill level or you’re totally green, I will help you improve your swing and tailor a specific program as well as teach you tips and tricks to help improve your game.

The game of golf has many facets which make learning all the skills a great challenge. To learn golf with a playing lesson on the course is a great way to improve your understanding of the finer points of the game and how to evaluate and execute shots from direct, on-course experience gained with Matt. Talk with him, ask away and gain the thinking a Pro has about the actual playing of the game.

Those of us who constantly find ourselves hitting out of the woods, hazards, sand traps, or the rough may conclude that we need lessons. Whether it’s putting, chipping or even just to better your swing on Wii golf; Matt Daniel will put the fun back into fun while you save money! Who knows? You may just get that hole-in-one that you’ve been shooting for sooner than you think!

Golf Lesson Highlights Compilation


Golf Lesson at a Driving Range and a Playing Lesson On Course

A golf lesson can be offered in many ways. We can have a lesson at a driving range in the form of a private or group lesson. During both, you will learn swing and short game technique, how your equipment can work for you and how to practice properly for maximum efficiency on the course. When you and your instructor feel you have a basic understanding of executing your golf swing and short game (chipping, putting, etc) your instructor may offer playing lessons. A lesson on the driving range will consist of many ways to understand your golf swing. A lesson on the golf course not only enhances the understanding of your golf swing, but it will take you to the next level. This is usually why the majority of us take up the game: To Play Golf.

In Playing Lesson you will learn:

  • Shot selection
  • Club selection
  • Green reading
  • External factors (wind, rain, etc)
  • To hit any shot you encounter
  • Course management
  • Rules/etiquette
  • Relaxation
  • Confidence

The more Advanced / Elite Player may learn:

  • Managing emotions
  • Visualization
  • Focus
  • Pre and Post Shot routines
  • Tournament preparation
  • Swing control under pressure
  • Attitude

Other important factors for Tournament Players:

  • Personal relationships
  • Goal setting
  • Fitness
  • Nutrition

After the student has a playing lesson, they will generally have about a 50/50 mix of playing and driving range lessons. The best time to practice on your own is after a playing lesson. This way you can practice all the things that you experienced on the course.

Key Benefits of Playing with Your Pro:
  • Understanding Course Management & Course Conditions
  • Shot Evaluation and Club Selection
  • Success with Rough, Uphill, Downhill & Tight Lies
  • Playing and the Art of Scoring
  • The Physical and Mental Game
Golf Instruction Package Deals

Individual Private Lessons 

  • One Hour Lesson   $150.00 -$200.00   Full fundamental evaluation, all fundamentals of the golf swing will be looked at. Once we have a good fundamental base, we can look at other areas that may need attention. The focus is always on simplicity.

  •  20 to 50 x 1 Hour Lessons   $2800-$7000 – $3600-$9000  Swing and playing evaluation,  full swing, chipping, putting and sand play are also looked at.  (Instruction can be combined with on-course time)   

  • 100 x 1 Hour Lessons $12,000 – $16,000.00 The student gets access to Matt’s elite program curriculum.  Included is swing and short-game instruction, playing instruction, mind game instruction, tournament preparation and many other factors that are involved in successful golf. (Instruction can be combined with on-course time)   Vancouver Golf Lessons and golf instruction
 Individual Group Lessons (Per Person)

Learn golf in a group lesson in Vancouver Richmond 小孩 学打高尔夫温哥华列志文, 高尔夫初学者Bring your own group or come alone and we will create a group for you.  A great way to meet other like-minded people.

  • 2 People for 1 Hour $70.00-$90.00                        
  • 3 People for 1 Hour $50.00-$70.00
  • 4 People for 1 Hour $40.00-$50.00  Golf Private Lessons                 
Vancouver After school junior golf beginner group lesson coaching 温哥华儿童青少年高尔夫球课程培训North Vancouver West Vancouver and Richmond After School Junior Clinics Program / Junior Beginner Group Coaching Lesson

Offering junior golfers the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of golf. This class promotes an enjoyable first-time golf experience for the young golfer starting the game. 

$65 for 1.5 hrs, 3-4 Person,  Students are welcome to drop by.  It offers pre-program and beginner, intermediate and advance level.  3 month program for each level including indoor, outdoor and on course lessons.  For more info on the fees and schedules, please click on Junior Golf page            Vancouver Beginner Junior Golf group lessons After school practice group coaching training program 温哥华青少年儿童初学者团体课后培训

free golf ballsOne bucket of 60 range balls per person is included for all Individual or Groups instruction sessions.

Free rental clubs are provided to facilitate non-equipped students.

On Course Playing Lessons (Per Person)

on course golf instruction playing lesson with a top golf coachOur On Course Playing Lessons are ideal for a beginner, intermediate and more advanced player. You are given the opportunity to see how the pros you watch on T.V. navigate their way around the golf course. Unlimited instructions are offered throughout the round. For more information, Call or Email Matt  to capitalize on this unique opportunity.

9 Holes & 18 Holes On Course Playing
  • 9 Holes for 1 Person $360.00                                 
  • 9 Holes for 2 Persons $280.00                           
  • 9 Holes for 3 Persons $250.00                    9 Holes On Course Playing Lesson          
  • 18 Holes for 1 Person $800.00                                 
  • 18 Holes for 2 Persons $500.00                           
  • 18 Holes for 3 Persons $380.00           18 Holes On Course Playing Lesson                   

(Prices listed do not include 5% G.S.T.)

Please Note A full 24 hours notice is required for cancelling lesson bookings. 

Elite Player Training (Become Champions in sport and life)

Chinese Junior championship No#1 Top golf teacher coach 中国少年锦标赛顶级高尔夫教练老师With over 14 years of competitive golf at the International level Matt has put together an outstanding program to develop elite players. To bring a player to the next level of their development they must widen their focus to the full spectrum of golf improvement. Some areas include self-confidence, self-talk, visualization, attitude, managing emotions, course strategy, pre and post shot routine, tournament preparation and many other factors. Matt has analysed and experienced all these things in chasing competitive golf. For example, in many instances, one can achieve much greater improvement by perfecting a solid pre-shot routine than by advancing swing technique. Matt has attributed his victory at the Edmonton Open with all the work he put into the many areas outside his physical game.  Plan and book golf lessons online today.

World wild Vancouver online golf instructions lesson PGA Tour coaching 温哥华在线高尔夫视频像指导课PGA教练We also offer Low cost and efficient Online Golf Instruction / Lesson as well for your convenience.  We analyse, find your root problem and fix it. 100% Money Back Guarantee – We’re confident that your golf game will improve.

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